Baby Stroller Winter Gloves Waterproof Pram Hand Muff Cart Thick Gloves

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Baby Stroller Gloves Winter Pram Hand Muff Waterproof Pram Accessory Mitten Baby Buggy Clutch Cart Thick Gloves

Material: silk cotton and polar fleece
Color: As shown
It's especially convenient to take care of babies in a cold winter stroller with clumsy thick gloves, so many mothers don't wear gloves when traveling, so frozen hands are inevitable in cold weather, but babies don't like to touch their mothers cold hands.

Mobile phones and earphone wires can be placed to facilitate answering phone calls and listening to music.
This product maintains a warm drum on the crossbeam of a trolley. It has excellent waterproof effect.
With such gloves, mother would not have to worry that the baby would go out in cold winter.
When she does other things or holds a baby, her hands can be easily removed at once. It is very convenient.
Be especially keep warm when pushes baby carriages, especially in cold countries.

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